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We respond to many everyday events–being cut off in traffic, losing our keys, a disagreement with our partner, or a normal disappointment…What’s more, the constant stream of stress chemicals creates many common health problems–which we also come to think of as “normal”.Your limbic system inundates you with desires in any given moment and, for many people (especially if their prefrontal cortex is weak)… In some ways this felt good, but if you think about it you’ll realize that there’s also an underlying anxiety.As Oscar Wilde once said, “I can resist anything, except temptation.” How we handle such temptations has a lot to do with our success in life, and certainly with our ability to successfully make the decisions that lead to the outcomes we would choose… As a fool in love you experienced anticipation, not pleasure. Mice who learned to push a lever to get a squirt of dopamine in their brains were so motivated (driven?Let’s take a closer look: Your limbic system, a more primitive part of your brain, instantly responds to danger–the famous “fight or flight” response–obviously important when we encounter real danger.Unfortunately, in today’s stressful world, this fight or flight stress response often won’t turn off.

It’s also involved when we blow off exercising, lose our temper, break a New Year’s resolution, procrastinate instead of working toward our goals, or put off working toward any desired long-term outcome… Let’s look more closely at that little Temptation Devil on your shoulder. Dopamine causes you to become fixated on getting whatever triggered the dopamine release, whether it was a sexy smile, a promise of saving money on something, a yummy food, or an online seminar that promises to make you rich. The real question, though, is whether or not dopamine motivates you to act in ways that ultimately benefit you and make your life better. Or, does it motivate you to eat foods that make you fat (or are bad for you in other ways), spend hours checking Facebook when you’d planned to work on your business, blow off your exercise goals in favor of something less productive… And of course the addictive nature of dopamine doesn’t apply just to mice.Research spanning over 40 years shows that those with a strong PFC (and a calm limbic system), experience many extraordinary benefits: How? A great deal of research shows that meditation calms the limbic system, while also enhancing the prefrontal cortex. It takes a long time to master, results come slowly, and most people quit before they get the benefits.That’s why Holosync is such an amazing breakthrough.Though you may have never heard of HRV, it’s incredibly important—to your health, to your stress level, and to your ability to be resilient…Effective emotional regulation (i.e., a higher threshold for what you can handle) depends on your ability to flexibly adjust your physiological response to a changing environment.

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